Group Exercise Sessions

Group exercise sessions offer excellent benefits by providing a motivating and social environment.  Small group sizes mean you will receive personal attention as you learn how to exercise properly, safely and effectively.  Group exercise sessions are a cost effective option to increase your level of physical activity and achieve your desired results.

We offer the following selection of classes:

Gentle Exercise Sessions – suitable for participants with little or no exercise experience.  Appropriate for people with injuries or who only want to do gentle exercises.

Intermediate Exercise Sessions – suitable for participants who have an understanding of basic exercise principles and are of a reasonable level of fitness.

Advanced Exercise Sessions – for participants who want to be challenged at a higher degree of difficulty.  Participants need to have undertaken regular exercise previously and not have any current injuries.

Easy Moves for Active Ageing – a state of the art gentle exercise programme for older adults developed by Active Ageing Australia. Physical activity is the single most significant means whereby individuals can influence their own health and functional ability. The benefits of engaging in physical activity on a regular basis are significant. Physical activity important for the maintenance of mobility and also minimises the risks of ill health.

Staying Healthy & Physically Active – aimed at reducing occurrence of and injury sustained due to falls in the older population. The Staying Healthy and Physically Active programme encompasses a holistic approach with the main focus being on exercise to maintain strength and balance.

Diabetes Sessions – encompasses both exercise and education. Topics covered include controlling BSLs, foot care, healthy eating, medications and managing complications. Groups are run at both Unley and Campbelltown locations.  Click here to download the Group Services referral form.

Heartmoves – a gentle physical activity program suitable for anyone who hasn’t done any exercise in a while. You can exercise at your own pace in a friendly atmosphere. Safe for people with health conditions such as heart disease or who may have experienced a cardiac event.

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